Hacknovate 4.0

After three consecutive years of glory of Hacknovate, we at ABES Institute of Technology are here with yet another smash HACKNOVATE 4.0 Hacknovate 4.0 will gather brightest programmers, engineers, architects, designers, and business visionaries. Our goal is to create a space where the brightest minds may collaborate to develop the most creative solutions. The Hybrid Mode of Hacknovate 4.0 will pave the way for passionate youngsters who can't join us in the offline mode.

“What's coming will come, and ”
“We'll hack it when it does.”

Hacknovate 4.0 is a 12-hour hackathon which will be held on 25th November, 2022 followed by mentoring round and ending with final judgement. To spark interest and pump up participants before the main event, Hacknovate 4.0 will be peppered with mini-events.


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Fintech is a portmanteau of the terms “finance” and “technology” and refers to any business that uses technology to enhance or automate financial services and processes. The term is a wide and quickly developing industry serving the two customers and organizations.



Edtech fueled by the impact of COVID-19 has grown into a global industry with economic and political implications. The growth in Edtech provides a cogent argument that its place in learning is not a short-term fad but a fundamental, long-term development.



Sustainability is a global issue that should be dealt with quickly. We encourage our hackers to come up with innovative ideas and create solutions to better our environment and tackle the issue of climate change.



Health services have the capacities to characterize network medical issues, to recognize neglected needs and review the assets to meet them, to build up SMART targets, and to extend managerial activities to achieve the reason for proposed activity programs.



Networking is all about bringing people together and helping them bond with each other in a meaningful, memorable way. A successful networking event is all about creating special moments that will lead to meaningful connections. Creating opportunities for those moments is essential and invaluable. So bring some ideas on the table that could diversify and connect more people around you and create an event that could reach to a whole new level.

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Open Innovation

Open innovation is a business practice to source ideas and solutions from a broad diversity of individuals and organizations to drive innovation. Using open innovation challenges represent a true cultural break from the company silo mentality and the secrecy traditionally associated with the corporate R&D culture. An innovation model becomes viable when the company acknowledges that there are many bright professionals and greater knowledge outside the organization.

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The Web3 Project envisages a world integrated with Blockchain, where users can own their data. To achieve this, the Web3 Project will build a series of user-driven experience DApps. The Web3 Project comes with mystery boxes, NFT collections, online P2E games, and the Oshies Club.

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Disaster Management

Disaster management is a process of effectively preparing for and responding to disasters. It involves strategically organizing resources to lessen the harm that disasters cause. It also involves a systematic approach to managing the responsibilities of disaster prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.

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Doubts ?

Get your coding skills , start building a team and register yourself into hacknovate 4.0.

“All students from all universities and colleges irrespective of their branch are most welcome!”

Yes, you need to form a team. Hacknovate 4.0 is a team event and we encourage programmers to work together. You may have minimum 2 and maximum 3 members in your team.

You should arrive at the venue,10-15 minutes before the entry starts i.e. before 7.30am on 25th November 2022

If you’ve never been to a Hackathon then now it is the time to be going in an amazing atmosphere to start your journey, no worries the hacknovate community are so friendly and you won’t feel isolated, we can help you with your doubts. So make your team and get ready for your first Hackathon.

No, Hacknovate 4.0 is free of cost

Yes, you’re required to submit your project on Devfolio on the completion of the coding round.

Hacknovate 4.0 provides a platform for the brilliant minds to come and collaborate together and will share their experiences. Hacknovate 4.0 encourages the hackers to work in a team. Hackers will be enhancing their skills and will be having a bright atmosphere. Also cool prizes are default!

Hacknovate 4.0 is the hybrid module of Hacknovate series i.e. to be executed in online as well as offline mode parallelly. By which to some enthusiastic Hackers, that have issue to reach to the venue they can join us online and can’t miss this great opportunity.

A Laptop, your own charger and coding skills

Yes, internet will be provided to all the offline participants

Yes! and they will be awarded with cash prize and much more